Wines Of Alsace

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Alsace Rocks

The terroir of Alsace is a geologist’s and a winemaker’s dream. Experts say if you walk 100 feet in any direction, you’ll find a different soil composition, making Alsace a complex mosaic unlike any other wine region.

With 13 distinct types of terroir the wines of Alsace offer enormous variety of taste profiles and characteristics. Producers are able to harmonize their winemaking styles and traditions with their own plots, so that each grape variety and each wine is truly an individual—and pure—expression of Alsace. Here, minerality and freshness aren’t just concepts, they are the story of the wines.

A prime location and abundant sunshine are partners to the soil, a mineral-rich blend of granite, limestone, schist and sandstone. It’s a winning combination that enables the steady ripening of the grapes, resulting in wines that are admired for their structure, complex aromas and flavors.