Wines Of Alsace

Winery of the Week: Maison Pierre Sparr

June 10, 2013

Like many producers in Alsace, the family of Pierre Sparr still occupies the lands upon which their ancestors first planted grapes—in this case, since Louis XIV sat on the throne. Since 1680, the family has protected, defended and cultivated its land in Sigolsheim, rebuilding the vineyards after the destruction of World War II.

Though they’ve kept a singular focus on the land, Pierre Sparr’s vineyards boast all seven major grape varieties in Alsace, plus Pinot Auxerrois, which is blended with Pinot Blanc for the Crémant d’Alsace Brut Réserve. Each vineyard—whether family-owned estate or long-time contract growers—is farmed sustainably without chemicals and harvested by hand.

In addition to the varied terroirs that drive the wines’ intensity and pure expression, five Grand Cru vineyards give Pierre Sparr “pride of place”: Brand Grand Cru; Schoenenbourg Grand Cru, renowned for its long-lived Riesling; Schlossberg Grand Cru, which produces an opulent and spicy Gewurztraminer; the Roman-era Mambourg Grand Cru; and Sporen Grand Cru. Dry Riesling and sparkling Crémants are the signature wines.