Wines Of Alsace

Winery of the Week: Joseph Cattin

August 13, 2018

Of Swiss descent, the Cattin family has been involved in wine in Alsace since 1720, settling in the village of Voegtlinshoffen near Colmar. The winery was named for Joseph Cattin, a pioneer in vine-grafting, and who was credited for saving some of Alsace’s best vineyards from phylloxera.

With 160 acres planted—most vines more than 60 years old—the domaine is one of the largest family-owned wineries in Alsace, and today is run by Jacques and Jean-Marie Cattin and their son Jacques. Cattin produces a range of wines—from AOC to Grand Cru, and Cremants to late-harvest—from all the traditional Alsace varieties, and has a separate production facility for its renowned Crémant sparkling wines.

Visitors to the domaine may partake in a cellar tour with a tasting, or a Segway tour of the vineyards. The modern winery features The Belvedere, a rooftop wine bar overlooking the vineyards, with views to the Black Forest and the Vosges mountains.