Wines Of Alsace

Winery of the Week: Domaine Ostertag

February 10, 2014

A fervent defender of the soil, André Ostertag has farmed 34 acres biodynamically since 1997, including the signature vineyard parcel in the Muenchberg Grand Cru.

His winemaking, based on both Rudolf Steiner’s principles and his own intuition yields spectacular wines that express both the discreet hand of the winemaker and the purity of Alsace’s terroir.

André’s father established the family estate in 1966. After training in Burgundy, André returned home, versed in viticulture and vinification practices that respect the relationship between the land and grapes—never forcing a flavor or character that doesn’t come naturally.

Not one to give in to convention, he created his own categories that best reflect the essence of his wines: Vins de Fruit for expressing fruit character; Vins de Pierre for reflecting the specific terroir, and Vin de Temps for recognizing the effect of time and weather.

A sculptor, he’s not only versed in the art of wine, but in art itself, choosing local artists to interpret his wines on the bottle labels and finding yet another way to distinguish himself among his peers.