Wines Of Alsace

Wine of the Week: Schoenheitz Pinot Blanc Val Saint Grégoire 2010

May 20, 2013

Val Saint Grégoire is a lieu-dit (literally meaning “said location” in French) that refers to a small plot of land that still bears its traditional name. Other Schoenheitz lieu-dits are Linsenberg, Herrenreben and Holder. The term is most commonly used in Alsace and Burgundy.

Schoenheitz makes its Pinot Blanc Val Saint Grégoire in the Munster Valley (yes, home of the famous cheese). The wine is vinified from 100% Pinot Auxerrois, a grape indigenous to Alsace and sometimes used interchangeably with Pinot Blanc because of their compatible characteristics. Here, the vineyards are among the highest in Alsace, with slopes so steep no tractor can work the land. All grapes are cultivated and picked by hand. The Schoenheitz vineyards are all farmed sustainably.

Pale gold in color with white and yellow flowers on the nose, this well-balanced wine offers bright and juicy white peach and fresh fruit on the palate, with a core of stunning minerality. Alsace Pinot Blancs are among the most versatile of wines, standing up to notoriously difficult pairings such as egg-based dishes and asparagus and providing a lovely complement to soft cheeses, including Munster.

You can enjoy it now—as an aperitif or with a meal—or let it age up to five years. At an average suggested retail price of $12, you can stock your cellar with Schoenheitz Pinot Blanc Val Saint Grégoire 2010.