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Alsace 101: The Star Appeal of Alsace

April 22, 2013

If you think the picture-postcard city of Colmar looks good enough to eat, you’re not wrong. 

This charming town is blessed not only with beautifully preserved timber houses, soaring steeples into the sky and picturesque twists and turns, but it boasts 10 Michelin stars among 7 restaurants, in and surrounding the town. And for a small town of only 65,000 residents, that puts dining here on the map in a big way.

Colmar is one of only a few such cities says Grub Street San Francisco, which recently surveyed dining destinations with Michelin bragging rights. And, as uncommon as that sounds, it’s not a rare thing in Alsace. Indeed, Strasbourg, the capital, boasts 5 restaurants and 5 stars. And sprinkled throughout the region, travelers will find 21 other restaurants with star appeal, making Alsace the most Michelin-anointed wine region in France.  

And in Alsace, where there’s good food, there’s wine to follow.  Many restaurants are situated along the famous Alsace Wine Route, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. It’s 106 miles of delicious tastes on the plate and in the glass.  

In and around Colmar, you’ll get [Michelin] star treatment at:

Auberge de L'Ill, Nouvelle Auberge, La Table du Gourmet, L'Atelier du Peintre, JY's, Rendez-Vous de Chasse, Maximilien