Wines Of Alsace

Alsace 101: The Art of the Label

September 23, 2013

With a rich heritage of artists, writers and creative types born in Alsace, the region has long used art and culture as reference points. In the 1950s, a well-known ad campaign for Alsace wines positioned Ben Hur (whose director hails from Alsace), the Marx Brothers (whose father is from Alsace) and a Royal Bugatti (whose cars are produced in Alsace) to express the diversity of the wines and the region as classic and elegant, yet completely approachable.

Many Alsace wineries choose to utilize the region’s dynamic relationship to art, culture and wine today. Producers such as Domaine Ostertag, Domaine Albert Mann, Domaine Josmeyer, Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss, Boeckel and Mittnacht Frères have sought out local artists to design labels that convey each winery’s personality.

At Albert Mann, the label art by François Bruetschy was specially commissioned to represent the different styles of wine, as well as the heritage of the Domaine and region. At Josmeyer, artists have been commissioned since 1987 to portray the personality of each variety and vintage. Since 1984, Kreydenwiess’ labels have used themes of nature—a nod to the biodynamic winemaking on this estate.

The next time you pick up an especially beautiful bottle of Alsace wine, think about how the label art illustrates or informs what’s in the glass.