Wines Of Alsace

Alsace 101: Route des Vins d’Alsace

May 27, 2013

One of the top wine destinations in the world is having a birthday party—and you’re invited!

This year, the Alsace Wine Route celebrates 60 years of providing travelers with gorgeous vistas, wine tastings and culinary adventures to match. The oldest such itinerary in Europe, the route spans more than 105 miles through some 70 wine-producing villages. With more than 1,000 wine producers along the route, visitors will never be lacking for company.

Alsace’s sites assure visitors will never be bored, either. The route is dotted with medieval castles, charming villages, rolling vineyards, cycling and hiking tours, picnics, grape harvests and unique traditions such as the ceremonies conducted by the ancient Alsace Wine Brotherhoods.

Organized events include a marathon on June 15 and 16, with food and wine stations; and the Alsace Wine Fair, held Aug. 9-18 in Colmar, featuring musical performances from major acts such as Snoop Lion and MIKA. diVINes d’Alsace is a new cultural initiative that will present a series of eclectic events combining the arts and the art of wine.

The route takes people into dining rooms of all kinds—from winstubs (wine’s equivalent of the pub) to Michelin-starred tables. And, of course, the real stars of the road are the wineries—shining examples of family-owned estates spanning several generations, if not centuries. As it’s here, in the glass, that you experience the true taste of Alsace: pure expressions of the very earth you see on the wine route.