Wines Of Alsace

Alsace & Food

Balanced and refreshing, the wines from Alsace not only complement but also enhance an enormous array of cuisines—from highly spiced and complex Asian and Latin dishes to simple, earthy American and French fare. The range of wines includes those full-bodied enough to stand up to meats and hearty meals, and wines light enough to accompany the most delicate seafood preparations.

And, nowhere is that tested more than in Alsace itself, home to 26 Michelin-starred restaurants—more than any other wine region in the world. Here, chefs have created a unique gastronomy, which demands wines that are as accomplished as the cuisine.

Whether it’s Riesling with fish, Gewurztraminer with aromatic cheeses, Pinot Gris with an earthy mushroom risotto or a lively Crémant d’ Alsace that goes with nearly everything, there’s an Alsace wine that has a place on the table, the patio or in the picnic basket.

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